We believe in the power of music to create peace, freedom and joy.

The Sahel Calling Project supports musicians in their roles as peacemakers, human rights activists and merrymakers.

Our focus is on musicians from Mali and across the Sahel, and African musicians living in exile or who identify with the diaspora. We also collaborate with and promote non-African musicians who have a love for Sahelian music!

We support and celebrate musicians and music by:

Filmmaking and distribution

Media & Advocacy

Musician support & liaison

Peacebuilding-through-music projects


We are funded completely by private donors and have received many in-kind donations by way of videos, photos, press coverage, artistic and graphic design work, connections and endless hours of translation and editing work.

We received in-kind guidance, camp access and screening events through our collaborations with UNHCR, OCHA, WFP, Oxfam and the Goethe Institut. For more information regarding our funding, please visit our old website page.

Our promise has always been – and continues to be – to amplify the voices of musicians with no cost to them, nor to you the audience!